Q.9 & Q.10 of Goodbye Mr.Chips (Novel)

Question No. 9 :- 

Who was Collingwood and why dad Mr. Chips once thrashed him? What did Collingwood later do in lfe?

Answer :- 

Collingwood was Mr. Chips's pupil at Brookfield. Mr. Chips had thrashed (beaten) him for climbing on to the gymnasium roof to get a ball out the gutter. Chips was worried about him as he could have broken his neck in doing so. He later became a major in the British army. As luck would have it, he was later killed in Egypt, certainly in military action. Chips surely felt very sad about it.

Question No.10 :-

What idea of Latin and Greek did Mr. Chips have?

Answer :-

Chips thought that Latin and Greek were dead languages. They were fit only for some Quotations and not for reading by living people. However, he was an expert in these languages. He was, in fact, forced to teach these languages because they were on the syllabus of the school. Chips understood well that English was a useful living language.